Posted by: Patty | March 5, 2013

TWD Biscotti, a make up post

Croissants are the subject for the Baking with Julia bloggers. I have made croissants before, loved the results, but just cannot use all that butter at this moment in my life. The process is so much fun but you need many people to consume all that buttery crispness. It was not going to happen at my house. Here is our host with the recipe: Girl+Food=Love.

But, there is a recipe from a previous post that I have baked several times: BISCOTTI!! In July the TWD bloggers tested Alice Medrich’s hazelnut biscotti recipe with great results but I was traveling and didn’t try the recipe until December. Baking and Boys posted the recipe here.

cherry biscotti

And, it is a great, reliable, trustworthy recipe. You cannot go wrong with this one. Instead of hazelnuts I used the cherry ambassador mix from the Cherry Republic online store.

cherry ambassador mix

Its a blend of cherries, cranberries, macadamia and pistachio nuts. Wonderful to snack on and delicious in cookies.

There are two reasons this is a superior recipe. First, there is no butter. Second, the batter doesn’t spread too much.  I don’t feel guilty having an afternoon cookie that has no butter. My only problem with the cookies is my husband. He cannot stop at one or even three of these.

Enjoy baking! Cheers, Patty



  1. This reminds me to make biscotti again! Thanks!

  2. Your biscotti look wonderful. A pleasant break from all that butter 🙂

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