About me

My interests include birding, gardening and cooking, especially baking.I work for Williams-Sonoma and am constantly inspired by new cooks tools, newly released cookbooks and wonderful kitchen equipment. My garden is small but produces great flowers that I enjoy photographing. And we love to travel to new places so that we can spend time birding.My household includes my husband, my dog Lucy and my cat Toby.

I hope you enjoy visiting this site!



  1. I read that you are birding for your birthday! You should come to visit us in Ecuador, I have a wonderful Ecolodge and and some of the best Neotropical birds in the world.
    For an exhastive list of birding sites in Ecuador vist:
    We offer a good selection of birding tours here:

    Also visit my blog to see amazing pictures from the tours here:

    Happy birthday and happy birding!

  2. Patty,
    Your blog is fantastic!! I am going to be using your Apple Crisp recipe for our Thanksgiving Dinner here in Spain. Also, your recipe for Spanish Tortilla is spot on with how they make it over here. I’ve yet to make one but am pretty sure your recipe will be the one I use! Hope all is well,

  3. Patty, I am wowed by your website and all the wonderful looking recipes. I’m a little afraid to amke all these goodies as I want to lose weight! Your comment on eating lots of veggies and fruits was spot on! If I do that, then I can indulge once a week, right?!

  4. I’ll keep checking in for updates, new recipes, and wonderful photos. Have a great Labor Day weekend.

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