Posted by: Patty | January 8, 2013

TWD Pizza with Onion Confit

Question: Is it possible to photograph purple food and make it look tasty?

Answer: No!

Despite looking weird, today’s recipe produces a delicious pizza. The pizza dough is started with a sponge that rises for 1 1/2 hours. More flour is then beaten in and there is a second rise. You can now shape and bake the pizzas, or you can tightly wrap the dough and chill it overnight.

After starting the dough you make a confit of onions. The recipe calls for red wine and the onions slowly simmer, creating tender, wine poached onions that are very tasty but also very purple. I also used some herbed goat cheese, mozzarella, parmesan and sopressata for toppings.

pizza toppings IMG_1268

You can see in the photos that the onions are an unappealing purple. But, they have great flavor. The pizza crust was crispy and chewy, and we ate all of it.

I divided half of the recipe into 2 pieces and made two 10″ pizzas last night. The other half of dough will be used for dinner tonight. The recipe suggests freezing extra dough but I’d rather try some other toppings, maybe a tomato based sauce. To bake I heated my Emile Henri pizza stone for an hour. I also followed another TWD writer’s suggestion to use parchment paper under the pizza if you don’t have a peel. The paper made it very easy to transfer the pizza to the oven and it did not burn.

The Boy Can Bake blog will have the full recipe, or you can find it on page 157 in Baking with Julia. If you love pizza this is a recipe that really works in a home oven.

Here’s an update: tonight I made traditional pizza with tomato sauce, sopressata, and mozzarella cheese. The second night the dough was not as elastic but still made a good crust. its a great recipe for pizza at home.




  1. Those pizzas look pretty good to me 🙂
    Yeah, the purple color was a little strange, but the taste was good!

  2. Both your pizzas look tasty! Loved the flavor of the purple onions – pretty or not.

  3. Both pizzas look delicious. I had a piece cold today and it was still good.

  4. Looks yummy!


  5. i think that looks plenty tasty! i swapped white wine for the red, so my onions came out like regular ol’ caramelized onions.

  6. This looks lovely, don’t worry I don’t think any of our confits looked particularly aesthetically pleasing in photographs!

  7. Purple food may be hard to photograph, but I think you did a fine job! Your pizza looks quite tasty. It’s a beautiful homestyle pizza pie!

  8. Looks good, not weird. Your crust got some nice bubbles!

  9. It is true, hard to make those purple onions look appealing. But they did taste good. whew! Good looking pizza!

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