Posted by: Patty | January 1, 2013

Wilson’s Warbler!! in Virginia

Happy New Years Day to all. We decided to visit Huntley Meadows today. A Wilson Warbler had been sighted and we decided to see if the bird was still on site.

And we were very lucky:

wilsons warbler

This little bird was hopping around, picking up seeds, and ignoring people. He was definitely in the wrong place considering the winter weather, but he was busy eating seeds and unaware that he was in the wrong climate. a real treat to see.


  1. What a pretty bird – beautiful colors. Would he be on his own or do they travel in flocks – and where should he be headed? A good way to start the New Year! Best to you and Tom

    • Hi Heather,
      This little guy should be in Mexico for the winter. When the daylight shortens it prompts warblers to migrate. They feed on insects but this bird was eating sweet gum seeds. I hope he makes through the winter.

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