Posted by: Patty | September 30, 2012

The Wednesday Chef presents her new book, “My Berlin Kitchen”

What a great weekend for me! On Saturday I attended a cooking demonstration by Marisa McClellan of “Food in Jars“; on Sunday afternoon our local bookstore, Politics and Prose,  hosted an event with Luisa Weiss, the creator of the blog “the Wednesday Chef”. I met two great food writers in one weekend.

Luisa spoke for almost an hour, first reading from a chapter in her book titled “Eating for Heartbreak”.

Her book is a memoir with recipes; her blog reports on recipes that she has collected and prepared from the dining sections of the NY Times and LA Times newspapers, among other sources. She named her blog Wednesday Chef because thats the day the newspapers publish their dining sections. Why hadn’t I figured that out? Very clever title.

She invited questions and there were many from the crowd of 50+ people. She had advice for writing a blog; when discussing friends and family on  a blog, never write anything that might surprise the person in question. Also, when using a published recipe always credit the source and if possible link to the original post. She spoke about the differences between blogging and writing a book. It definitely sounded like book writing was the more difficult work. She also told some funny stories about choosing the name “Hugo” for her newborn son. Did I mention she is doing a national book tour with a newborn? Luisa can do everything!

You can visit The Wednesday Chef blog here.  Luisa’s adventures are always entertaining.

Cheers, Patty


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