Posted by: Patty | September 27, 2012

Davis Tanis’s awesome tomato soup

In December 2010, David Tanis visited my Williams-Sonoma store in Washington, DC to introduce his new cookbook “Heart of the Artichoke”. Chef Tanis demonstrated Ravioloni with Butternut Squash for our customers. Assisting David was so much fun for me. And, I have successfully made the ravioloni several times and it is delicious. He is a great teacher.

Since then I have used his cookbook many times and always intended to feature the book in a post. But tonight I made the Chilled Tomato Soup, page 141 and absolutely had to share this simple but brilliant method of pureeing tomatoes.

I had several brandywine tomatoes that were looking a bit tired and decided to try David’s method. It is soooo simple and really highlights the pure taste of tomato.

You slice the tomato in half, grate it on the large holes of a grater, strain, season, chill and serve.When you grate, the skin acts as a barrier to the grater, you can get very close to the skin and really utilize all the tomato pulp. Here is the soup: (it looks a bit brown but thats because brandywine tomatoes are very dark in color):

The flavor is the essence of summer tomatoes. Here are the skins remaining after grating:

I recommend you visit your farmers market this weekend, find some heirloom tomatoes and try this method. It is the best. The season for tomatoes is almost over and you don’t want to miss out on this super easy preparation of tomatoes.

And here’s a picture of straining the pulp. Very easy.

Other recipes I love from this cookbook are Pho, Lamb with prunes, Green Beans with pickled shallots, and Flat Roasted Chicken.

David writes the column “City Kitchen” in the New York Times. It appears on Wednesdays in the dining section and is a good  source for seasonal recipes. He frequents the local farmer markets in NYC and suggests easy and great tasting recipes for whats ripe now.

Cheers, Patty


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