Posted by: Patty | August 15, 2012

TWD: Celebrating Julia Child’s 100th Birthday with Chocolate Mousse

Today would be Julia Child’s 100th birthday. To celebrate, many restaurants are offering menus featuring Julia’s recipes and food writers are sharing memories of their experiences with Julia. After we were married in 1976 I cooked my way through “Mastering the Art of French Cooking”. No, I didn’t make every recipe but I had fun trying new techniques. And, of course, I concentrated on desserts, my favorite course to cook. In honor of Julia’s birthday, this morning I made Chocolate Mousse. The ingredient list is simple: eggs, sugar, chocolate, butter and some flavorings. With that short list you make the creamiest mousse ever but you also make an enormous mess in your kitchen. Here’s just some of the equipment needed to produce her mousse:

Fortunately, the mousse must chill for several hours; you use that time to clean up the kitchen. You are rewarded with the best dessert ever.

In addition to “Mastering” one of my favorite cookbooks is Julia’s “The Way to Cook”. Before I teach a cooking class I reread many of the the recipes in this book. Her writing is so clear and reviewing her recipes always helps me  explain different techniques in class. Thanks Julia!

Today Dorie Greenspan has written a tribute to Julia, you can read it here. Thanks to Dorie for a great article. See what other Tuesday with Dorie cooks are saying about Julia here.

Cheers, Patty



  1. I’ve seen so many others have made this and I will have to soon, it looks so yummy!

  2. I really want to make the chocolate mousse but I have been putting it off! … maybe I will get on the mousse train and do it! yours looks so GOOD!!

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