Posted by: Patty | August 8, 2012

TWD: Baking with Julia: Berry Galette

Flo Braker is our baker for this week’s selection from the cookbook “Baking with Julia”. Flo has been teaching for more than 35 years and she has written a number of baking cookbooks. My favorite is “Baking for All Occasions”.  Her essays on baking technique are a great source of information that explains why recipes work, and how substitutions affect the finished product. When I’m trying to improve a recipe or change a recipe I reread the baking primer in this book. Its full of baking wisdom.

Our recipe this week is a berry galette. Galettes are the easiest form of pie. The dough recipe includes cornmeal, flour, sour cream mixed with water, and was super easy to make in the food processor. I did change one step. Instead of adding the liquid to the dough through the feed tube, I removed the lid, added a small amount of the liquid, pulsed a few times and repeated that step several times. I find that adding liquid to pie dough through the feed tube results in overworked dough. After chilling it for one hour I rolled the dough and prepped my fruit. I choose a mixture of fresh cherries and blueberries. In addition to 1 tablespoon of sugar I added 1 teaspoon of tapioca flour to the fruit. Tapioca flour helps thicken the juices and I like its effect more than flour or cornstarch.

The galette baked for 40 minutes and came out with the fruit bubbling. The balance of crust to fruit was perfect. And the size of the galette makes it just right for  a quick dessert. There weren’t any leftovers, not even a crumb.

I definitely plan to try a savory tart with this dough. Smitten Kitchen has a zucchini galette recipe that I have made several times. I love the combination of ricotta and zucchini but have had trouble with that crust leaking butter all over the pan. I think Flo’s crust will be great with SM’s filling.

For the recipes visit our hosts for this week: Tomato Thymes and The Kitchen Lioness. They have the full recipe for you.

Cheers, Patty



  1. Very lovely.

    I made a zucchini-tomato version with my leftover dough (based on the tomato cheese version) and the dough held up well to the savory flavors.

  2. Wonderful galette! I agree that this dough would be great with a savory filling. Nice pics!

  3. Looks great! We loved these too 🙂

  4. Oh no….Now I just want to buy THAT book, tooooooooo! I have this compulsory shopping when it comes to baking books!

    What a beautiful galette, you made.

  5. I can see why there wasn’t a crumb leftover – your galette looks wonderful. Thanks for the recommendation of Braker’s book. I think I might have to find myself a copy.

  6. Absolutely perfect looking galette! Since I made two there were some leftovers and I just had a slice with my morning tea, yum! I will definitely check out that book you mentioned – it sounds very informative!

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