Posted by: Patty | June 6, 2012

OASIS NAAN, Cooking from “Baking with Julia” and Tuesdays with Dorie

Every month a group of bakers prepares two recipes from “Baking with Julia”; one easy and one that is challenging for a home baker.

Oasis naan is our easy choice for the month of June. It is a simple flatbread with a very short list of ingredients: water, yeast, flour and salt. Optional toppings include spices, herbs and scallions.

Simple bread recipes often require very good technique to get a good result. The authors, Naomi Duguid and Jeffrey Alford, give very careful instructions.You must stir the dough in one direction so the gluten forms long strands. Your oven and pizza stone need to be preheat to 500°. The risen dough needs to be rolled and then docked in the middle so the bread doesn’t puff all over. For topping the naan I used scallions and zahtar seaasoning. After 6 minutes in the hot oven the bread was finished. The naan was delicate, puffy and delicious with a dinner of chicken tikka masala.

Naomi and Jeffrey have written several cookbooks that include their travels through India, China and Asia. I’m hoping my library has some of them to borrow. I just cannot buy another cookbook even though theirs sound very interesting. Cooking and travel, sounds good to me.

I took very few pictures because as I was making naan I was also testing an Ina Garten plum tart tatin recipe that I am teaching in a Williams-Sonoma class tonight. My kitchen was a complete mess after making chicken, naan and a tatin!


Visit our hosts this month for the recipe:  Always Add More Butter and Of Cabbages and Kings Cake. As long as you have a pizza stone this is a very easy and tasty bread that adds a lot of enjoyment to your dinner.



  1. I used za’atar in my naan and thought it added a nice touch.
    Everything looks great – especially the plum tart!

  2. Ha! One more here for the combo of chicken tikka masala and oasis naan! We had it for dinner last night. Your naan looks great.

  3. I got hungry just by looking at your post! =)

  4. I also had tikka masala with my naan. So tasty. That tatin looks so tasty!

  5. my kitchen is still a mess from cooking this last night! i also made a meal of it 🙂

  6. Looks great! I think you will enjoy the cookbooks. They are a great read and have fantastic pictures. The plum tart looks delish as well!

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