Posted by: Patty | May 21, 2012

Cheetah Heaven

On Saturday afternoon there was a fund raiser for the Cheetah Conservation Fund in DC. We invited our friends Heather and Alan to attend with us; they were visiting from St. Louis. The event was held on an apartment rooftop, there were great views of DC and lots of snacks and drinks. But, the most important guest, the cheetah was late.  At 5PM we had to leave. Luckily for us, as we exited the building, the van from the Cleveland Zoo that was carrying the cheetah drove up. In another car was the Executive Director, Dr.Laurie Marker. She recognized Tom and asked us to stay.  Laurie arranged to have our photos taken with the cheetah before they went up to the rooftop.

What an experience.

These animals are so powerful,they can reach speeds of 110 km/h in seconds.

And they like to have their chins rubbed!

This cheetah is an ambassador for all cheetahs; he visits private parties,fund raisers, schools, anywhere there is an interest in these magnificent animals.

Namibia, one of my favorite places on earth is home to the cheetah. The Conservation Fund’s goal is to preserve the habitat for cheetahs, and to have the cheetahs co-exist with the agricultural businesses in Namibia.

Once you meet these beautiful animals, you want them to always have a place on this earth.

So, please consider supporting the Cheetah Conservation Fund.

Cheers, Patty



  1. Educating the public on protecting native wildlife is the key to preserving our world’s wildlife diversity. Education animals are the ambassadors for their species and also for their wild kin whether that kin might fly, swim, slither or run. Patty, you know preserving wildlife is close to my heart. Urban wildlife is often misrepresented as pests to be eradicated. How we share our world and our neighorhoods is a lesson we all must learn. Thank you to the cheetah for being such a wonderful representative.

    • Laura, I hope we can increase awareness of these beautiful animals.

  2. Amazing!!

  3. This was such a special moment. When the doors to the van opened, the cheetah was sitting there in his cage, and his strength and majesty were so powerful, it was breathtaking. Even though this cheetah was from the zoo, it was so attuned to everything surrounding him, you can imagine that he would survive in the wild. This was a unique and wonderful experience. We will support this project. Thanks for the introduction, Patty and Tom!
    Heather and Alan

    • We were so lucky to meet this incredible animal. So glad you were with us.

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