Posted by: Patty | May 15, 2012

Brioche Sticky Buns from TWD baking group

Every Christmas for at least 20 years I have made sticky buns for Christmas morning breakfast. Even when we were traveling to Mexico or Coloradro on Xmas day, our carry-on luggage included carefully wrapped sticky buns. I started with a recipe from “Stars Desserts” by Emily  Luchetti which uses brioche dough as the base of the buns. Over the years I lightened things up a bit, but finally settled on a recipe from the Martha Stewart Show: Mark’s Sticky Buns.I have changed the topping and filling; I also use extra large silicone cupcake pans and bake each bun seperately. They are excellent. Here are mine:

So, this recipe from “Baking with Julia” is a direct challenge to a family tradition. The chef is Nancy Silverton, a cookbook author and owner of several restaurants. She was unfortunately a victim of the Madoff ponzi scheme but is recovering from that mess. Last fall she published the “Mozza Cookbook”, based on her Los Angeles restaurants.

This recipe uses brioche dough and then takes it over the top: you actually treat the dough like puff pastry. You roll the brioche out, slather it with soft butter and give it several turns, just like puff pastry. This butter ladened dough is turned into sticky buns, left to rise and then baked.

The result is a very rich, buttery sticky bun.

When you shape the rolls you trim the ends to make the roll very even. Well, those scraps were not thrown away; I baked them in a few silicone cups. Honestly, the scraps were delicious, very tender and flaky. In comparison, the finished rolls were almost too thick. Very tasty but a little dense. If I try this recipe again I would slice the buns to 1″ thickness. And the result would be even more buns!

For health reasons, I think I will stay with my current recipe. But for something over the top, this recipe offers lots of techniques that are fun to try. You should visit the Tuesdays with Dorie page to see what everyone thought of this recipe. Our hosts are: Lynn and Nicole. Their blogs look fantastic.

Enjoy! Patty



  1. All of that topping looks like it is just waiting to be picked off and eatern

    Very nice!

  2. These look yummy (although your ‘tradtional’ ones look great too). I agree about the mass of pecans – three per bun (following the recipe) was not enough!

  3. Patty, enjoyed reading your post and tips of cutting the buns. I’ll be checking out the links you provided. Thanks!

    TWDBWJ member

    • Carmen, be sure to try these sometime, all the techniques are fun to do.

  4. Great looking buns! Love the mass covering of pecans — way better than the 3 preciously placed ones per recipe. Nice. 🙂

  5. Nice post. I like your pictures 🙂

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