Posted by: Patty | May 3, 2012

Spring Birds

For people who watch birds, spring is a magical time. For several weeks, birds migrating from South America past through the forests along the east coast. And I live next to Rock Creek Park, a forest inside Washington DC that is a magnet for these traveling birds. Today I was at home, sitting in my adirondack chair in my yard, just observing nature. And what a treat. First I saw an Indigo Bunting, then an American Redstart, then a Magnolia wabler. And a black throated blue Warbler. And many yellow rump warblers.

Then a rose breasted grosbeak arrived and decided to spend the day.

I managed a few decent photos of the grosbeak but the warblers defeated me. They move so quickly, I can’t keep up with my binoculars and certainly not with the camera.

It was a wonderful day, birding in my own backyard.

This one is blurry but I included it because it shows other birds in the yard.

Happy birding!

Cheers, Patty



  1. I love all your blogs and pictures and recipes. Thank you for including me.

  2. I am so very envious of your sanctuary (for songbirds and humans). It’s wonderful when we can stop and enjoy the moment.

  3. What a great birding day!! I remember seeing rose breasted grosbeaks when Mommy and Daddy were visiting us in Costa Rica – and I haven’t seen one since.

  4. Gorgeous grosbeak – and such a lovely call. And an indigo bunting – the most beautiful blue in the world! Congratulations on an amazing day!

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