Posted by: Patty | March 29, 2012

Virginia Bluebell Wildflowers

My sister and I took advantage of a beautiful spring day here in the nation’s capital. We drove to Centreville, VA to see the bluebell wildflower display at the Bull Run Regional Park.


The bluebells were in peak bloom and the forest was carpeted in blue blossoms. The walk begins at the red bridge:

There is a 1+ mile walk along the Bull Run Stream which is carpeted in wildflowers. There are beautiful reflections of the flowers in the stream.

Because it was a weekday, we were almost alone in the woods with these beautiful flowers.

It was a perfect place to walk on a spring day.

Other people were enjoying the blossoms:

The bluebells are the stars but other wildflowers bloom at the same time, its a joy to see them all.

The “Spring Beauty” blossoms carpeted the forest floor. We also saw many violets, including the smooth yellow violet.

Spring has arrived early in the nation’s capital. We were delighted to have the opportunity to visit this wonderful park with all its wildflowers.




  1. I’ve often wished I could walk in the woods with someone who really knew wildflowers. The flowers are around such a short time, I wish I knew them better.

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