Posted by: Patty | March 20, 2012

TWD Irish Soda Bread from BAKING WITH JULIA

Ever since I lived in NYC in the early 1980’s I have made the same Irish Soda Bread . Its a recipe given to me by one of the  mothers (Teri) I met at the playgrounds near my apartment where we were living with our baby son.  All the mothers in the neighborhood would all congregate with our babies in their strollers at the little parks in Styvestant Town and trade tips about parenting, nap time, and recipes. My son Matthew, was just one year old and all these mothers were a great resource. And Teri’s soda bread is still excellent. Her recipe uses yogurt and also includes sugar. And it is baked in a 9×5 pan! I will post it at another time.

Trying an Irish Soda Bread that was new was a challenge for me: why break what is working? I have been making Teri’s recipe for over 30 years!

So, I made Marion Cunnigham’s soda bread from BAKING WITH JULIA. It is so easy, you just stir the ingredients in a bowl , knead them a moment and place in a buttered dish. Bake and you are done.

These are the simple ingredients in my kitchen: flour, baking soda, salt and buttermilk. I bought fresh baking soda to be sure it would be active.

I did add some currants and 1 Tablespoon sugar. The dough is cut before baking to release the steam.

The result was excellent. The bread was pretty and tasted yummy. If only I didn’t have a recipe to compare with this one!

Please visit our hosts this week for the full recipe:

Carla of Chocolate Moosey and Cathy of My Culinary Mission.

Enjoy baking, it is fun! Cheers, Patty



  1. These look so good! I am opening a bed and breakfast in Virginia so I am always looking for some good recipes! Thanks!

  2. I hope that this at least came close to your normal loaf 🙂
    Looks good.

  3. I love those standby, go-to-always kinds of breads! Good to compare but hard to give up!

  4. I enjoyed your story and your bread looks great! 🙂

  5. Soda bread is a great recipe to have in your repertoire. It can make any meal special and is so fast to whip up.

  6. Our family has a favourite recipe, too, but we really enjoyed this recipe regardless. Your loaf looks perfect!

  7. One can never have too many good recipes! I am for sure adding this one into my rotation.

  8. Its hard to change after so many years, your bread looks beautiful!!

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