Posted by: Patty | February 7, 2012

Tuesdays with Dorie: White Loaves

Recently I took a 4 week course in pastry making at a local culinary school. Here’s a classic french tart I made in class:

French Tart

And practicing at home I made a peach tart:

Peach tart

To continue to improve my baking skills I have joined the Tuesdays with Dorie baking group. For the last 4 years this dedicated group baked every recipe from Dorie Greenspan’s “Baking, from my home to yours”.

Now they are taking on “Baking with Julia”. The cookbook was compiled and written by Dorie and was based on the PBS TV series, Baking with Julia. The cookbook ranges from simple cookies to elaborate cakes and desserts. Some recipes will be a big challenge but I’m game. The recipe I really want to make is the one that brought tears to Julia’s eyes when she tasted it: “Brioche Tart with Secret Sauce” by Nancy Silverton.

The first recipe is White Loaves, a basic bread.

I have been testing the new 7 quart Kitchen Aid mixer for work and decide to use it for kneading the dough.

It did a great job, even at the end of mixing when you had to incorporate softened butter into the dough.

The recipe makes two loaves but I choose to make one loaf and a dozen rolls.

The whole project took just 4 hours and the crumb and texture of the bread was excellent.

For the recipe you can visit the organizer’s blog:

Next up is Chocolate Truffle Tartlets. Should be good!



  1. I think it would be so much fun to take a pastry class at a culinary school. Your french tart looks so pretty and your white loaf and bubble top rolls look perfect.

    • Thank you. Every class I take gives me more skills. I’m lucky to live near a great school.

  2. That looks delicious, I want a poppy seed roll now!

    • They are really easy to make.

  3. Oh, I love that 7 qt! I used to work at WS too, but quit just before that 7 qt came out. Did it heat up and have any trouble like some of the other mixers?

    • The 7 quart KA did a great job. I suspect that people using the 5 quart ran the machine at too high a speed. I hope to retest the recipe in my 5 qt this weekend. Which WS did you work for?

      • I worked in the Towson store, which is just north of Baltimore. I miss getting to try out all the new stuff. I guess I’ll just have to live through you!

  4. Cool. I like that you made those rolls. Why don’t I ever think of things like that? Very pretty.

  5. Wow, beautifully done! Love the look of those rolls!

  6. I, too, love the rolls! How do you make them out of the extra dough?

    Love the tarts, too.

  7. Love the rolls! What a clever idea!

  8. I was thinking of just making a tray-full of pull-apart rolls myself, but for time saving sake, I just made the two loaves! 🙂 They were delicious and yours looks great too!

  9. The rolls were a fun idea 🙂 (And those tarts look wonderful)
    Looking forward to the TWD journey!

  10. The bread looks lovely, but I’m more interested in tasting the chocolate tartlets when you make those! 🙂


    • You will have to be the taster!

  11. What a great idea to make rolls! Everything looks perfect!

    And – I love your Portmeirion!

    • Thanks Susan. And I like the Portmeirion on your site. Its been my everyday china for more than 20 years.

  12. Love the rolls. Love the 7 qt. mixer. Though, I’m pretty happy with my 6 qt. The grass is always greener… 😉

    • Jules, thanks for being one of the administrators, you are making many bakers very happy. Glad you like the rolls.

  13. Great idea to make rolls out of it. They look really beautiful.

    • Thanks, they were very tasty.

  14. I thought about using half the dough to make rolls but I’m not an experienced enough baker (yet) to know if that would have worked out well. After seeing yours I’m definitely going to give it a shot when I make this bread again!

    • I will try to add a few pictures of forming the rolls. It’s very easy.

  15. The same here, rolls are going faster than the same amount of slices. My boys slice the bread while chewing 😉 Your both versions came out great!

  16. The rolls look great. If you don’t mind my asking, how long did they take to bake in your oven?

    • Hi Julia, my oven is a little slow; the rolls took 30 minutes and the loaf was 50 minutes.

      • Thank you for letting me know. I might just bake up a batch on the weekend.

  17. all bread looks great! Also loving the mixer 7 quart??!! So jealous!

    • Hi Amanda, I work for Williams-Sonoma and part of my job is testing new equipment. The 7 quart has been doing a great job on both large batches of dough and regular amounts. I’ll hate taking it back to work!

  18. Ooh…i love the rolls!

    • Wendy, thank you!

  19. What a great idea to make rolls! And, I bet they would freeze really nicely. Good show!

    • Rachel, The rolls were gone before I could try to freeze them!

  20. Love the roll idea! They look fabulous!

    • Cathleen, Thank you.

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