Posted by: Patty | April 21, 2010

Cherry Blossoms=Tourists!!

Washington DC has the most exuberant spring. Every bush, shrub, tree is covered with blossoms. And the cherry blossoms by the tidal pool in DC are the most famous.

But the one problem with all these great flowers are the TOURISTS that descend on our city and who clog the whole place.

This year we decided to view the blossoms at sunset, hoping to avoid the hugh crowds that are at the tidal basin.

The flowers are remarkably delicate. The colors are very subtle, they are almost white with a tiny touch of pink. I need to take many photos until I finally get a shot that shows the soft colors. This drives my dear spouse crazy but he has learned to be patient!

The sunset illuminates the blossoms:

It is a beautiful sight. Come visit DC at cherry blossom time, but try to avoid the prime tourist times; early morning or late afternoon are the best times.
So, cheers to all, hope you are having a great spring,




  1. Gorgeous photos! The cherry blossoms look so pretty in your pictures. I will be up that way a week from Tuesday…hope there is something to see then. 🙂

  2. Patty – your pictures are gorgeous. You have developed a wonderful technique that brings life to the scene. Great job!

    Our spring in St. Louis has been wonderful also, but everyone is suffering from allergies. There was an absolute explosion of blossoms on the trees – the magnolias were heavily laden and all other types of trees were in blossom as well – and within a week or so the blossoms were gone and the trees are in full leaf. Beautiful but too short lived. Enjoy what is left of the spring!

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