Posted by: Patty | January 8, 2010

Snowfall In Washington DC

Overnight there was a small snowfall, about one inch. Of course, schools in the area are either closed or on delayed openings. We cannot handle any amount of snow!

The sunrise was beautiful:

A small breeze created a shower of snow:

The morning light created a nice pattern on the snow:

And the birds tried to find a sheltered spot:

And my birdfeeders are very busy:

That’s a yellow bellied sapsucker. They are very shy and fly away at the slightest movement at the window. I was lucky to get this picture!

You can click on any photo to see it in a larger format. Enjoy our snowfall!



  1. Beautiful pictures! I am finding it hard to appreciate the snow. We’ve had way too much of it here!

  2. We are cold and whiny in Houston. Our main furnace went out yesterday afternoon. Thank goodness we have the 2 dogs and Shadey. The repairman showed up at 7:30 this morning and I almost kissed him. The garden is an ode to death but I am viewing it as an opportunity to reinvent my outdoor home.

    We had a Great Horned Owl, Red Shouldered Hawk and a Red Bellied Woodpecker come into the wildlife center today – all cold and dehydrated. I’m back in on Monday and can’t wait to see what comes through the door.

    Your photos are spectacular! I love the morning light coming through the trees with the road or stream in the background.

    Stay warm and keep baking. I cook vicariously through you.

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