Posted by: Patty | December 21, 2009


Each December there are certain cookies that must be baked. But I always love reading through my cookbooks to find new recipes to try. And I have a great collection of cookbooks for cookies:

This year I tried a new biscotti from “The Craft of Baking” and we were disappointed by the results. The molasses used in the recipe was too pronounced. And I tried to improve my mother-in-law’s molasses cookies by substituting butter for crisco. Again, the cookies were ok, but not as good as Fern’s cookies! The butter batter spread a little too much. I will return to the original formula using crisco.

The tried and true gingerbread men from Gourmet Magazine are wonderful.The dough (which I posted in my last entry)  is a little soft and it is easier to cut out the cookies if you chill the rolled dough for 15 minutes. We had great fun cutting out boys and moose:

The gingerbread boy is a new cutter from Williams-Sonoma. You can move his arms around so it looks like he is “high-fiving”! And the moose is from La Cuisine, a cookware store in Old Town Alexandria, VA. They have a great web site: La Cuisine. I took a cookie decorating class at La Cuisine with Betsy Cukla, the artist who designs these whimsical cutters. The cutters can be challenging to use. They have many details that make cutting dough difficult. But following Betsy’s advice helps you achieve great cookies. And La Cuisine has recipes with instructions for the cutters.

This morning I made shortbread before heading to work. When my daughter arrives we’ll make more gingerbread cookies. Somehow, the gingerbread has disappeared from my kitchen!

Here in DC we have had a fantastic snow storm, more than 16 inches in one day! I’ll have some pictures soon! Including some great bird photos.

I hope everyone is enjoying these days before Christmas. Bake some cookies and you will have a wonderful day!

Cheers, Patty



  1. La Cuisine is a treasure! One day I will enjoy shopping in person. It’s the middle of the night, the dog is outside and I’m having trouble tearing myself away from their website. Thanks for the link.

    Sixteen inches of snow! When we were kids did you ever make snow cream? Never again, but what a yummy memory for me.

  2. These look delicious and fun to make. Thank you.

  3. You were right about the gingerbread recipe. It’s delicious. Plus it rolls and cuts easily. Plus the dough is way yummy!

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