Posted by: Patty | November 19, 2009

The 1st Annual Martha Stewart Pie Contest

Last week I was part of Martha Stewart’s first annual pie contest. While I was planning a trip to NYC in November to visit my daughter I found a link on the Martha Stewart(MS) show for a pie contest. To participate you wrote a short essay about why you were a great pie baker. So, I sent off an email, not really thinking I’d hear anything. Short story, I got the green light to attend the show, as long as I brought a pie.  Thus began an operation to bring a great pie from Washington DC to the Big Apple for the contest. Before leaving for NYC I visited the local farmer’s markets for the best apples for my pie. And we have fantastic markets here in DC.

Apples for the pie were purchased at the new Vermont & H St NW and the Penn Quarter NW markets. Pie crust was made in my DC kitchen. The apples and crust were loaded into a backpack and my husband and I boarded the Vamoose bus to NYC. From work I sent my daughter the essentials for pie making: a rolling pin, a silpat, and some pie dishes. We were ready to bake! Jenny’s kitchen is a typical NYC space: TINY!!! But we were able to make two pies. In between rolling crusts we ordered fantastic Chinese food and played some great card games. Finally we had some pie for the contest:

At 12:30 Thursday November 12th, we reported to the MS studios and handed over our pies.

OK, everyone from work: please note that Jenny is holding the pies in a certain bag!

What was to be a one hour taping turned into a marathon event lasting almost 2 1/2 hours. But, believe me, spending time on the MS set is an absolute pleasure. Each area is perfect: the greenhouse, the craft set, the baking area are all just beautiful. Anyone would love to have the opportunity to bake or garden or do anything in these spaces.

The gardening area is lovely:

But the reason we were all there: judge our pies!

There were two long tables full of pies; the aroma was fantastic! There were 4 judges, tasting all the pies. And finally there were 5 finalists and my pie was one of the five!!

Although I didn’t come in first I had the great pleasure to be a finalist and to be photographed on the set. Marjorie Johnson of Minnesota was the winner and she was thrilled.

The moral of the story is: bake pie, eat pie!! Home baked desserts will always bring joy to your family and friends.

Soon I will post the recipe for my apple cranberry pie. Certainly in time for Thanksgiving.

Cheers to all, Patty



  1. Yea Patty!! So very exciting!!! You have inspired me!! Hope all is well with you, and hope to see you soon! Keep baking! =0)

  2. Great recap of your adventure! Mommy would have loved this whole story. How fun Jenny was there with you, too.

  3. This is so exciting! How fun that must have been. Can’t wait to see the recipe!

  4. I am so proud of you! I can’t wait to try your pie. This is better than a county fair ribbon! I will always call it Patty’s MS pie and tell your story. I can feel how proud Jenny is of her mom … what a smile.

  5. Congratulations…and Jenny gets prettier every time I see her.

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