Posted by: Patty | October 25, 2009

SMS and Fall Colors

The Sweet Melissa Sundays recipe can be found at: Holly’s great blog. She did a fantastic version of cupcakes in totally cool cupcake liners! Be sure to visit her site.

Sadly, I did not bake this weekend. Actually, I cooked many things, but not a recipe from Sweet Melissa. I hope you can forgive me!!

This weekend I taught a technique class at my Williams-Sonoma store and somehow, as I prepped for the class I did not find time to bake. Sorry!!

Also, the autumn leaves are at their peak here in the mid-atlantic region and I had to go outside and try some new camera techniques. Recently I attended a fantastic photography workshop with Barbara Ellison, the Canon rep, and learned so many new ways to photograph flowers. So here are a few images from my garden, and the surrounding woods:

golden celebration

This rose is a David Austin rose and its name is Golden Celebration. It lives in my shady back yard which is fenced and protected from the deer that maul my front yard. Despite the lack of sun this rose is still blooming! I love how the photo of the rose is isolated from the background.


These ruby colored leaves are my Kousa Dogwood. They line my driveway and are wonderful in all seasons.


Maple leaves turn into the strongest colors. Here in DC most trees change to yellow but occasionally you find these brilliant reds. It is a treat to walk through our wonderful parks and discover all this color.

Enjoy all these colorful images of autumn. Hopefully next week I’ll be baking all with all the great SMS Bakers! Visit their sites and you will be inspired to bake along!! Just click on the text in red and you’ll be on your way!

Cheers to all, Patty



  1. Bill and I both grew up in PA and had beautiful fall seasons. But now, between living in Illinois and Florida, I miss the colors. Thank you so much for the photos.

  2. Your photographs are beautiful! How fun is that to teach a class!

  3. Your David Austin is spectacular. I only attempt Knockouts and one sweet Marie Pavie that lives in a container. At this time of year my poor babies suffer from fungus and iron deficiency. Cool nights and too much rain recently are the source of our travails. Have you read The $64 Tomato (Alexander)? Roses are a character in this funny funny gardening book.
    I had a beautiful male Red Shouldered Hawk in the wildlife center Friday. A probable pellet shattered his right “wrist.”

  4. Great pictures! So nice to a rose still in bloom

  5. Beautiful pictures. I love the colors of Fall!

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