Posted by: Patty | September 22, 2009

Early Morning Scones

Early this morning, before going to work, I made the Orange Scented Scones. Its a very easy recipe, one you can put together quickly. And, your co-workers will be very pleased when you arrive at work with warm scones. These were very well received at my store!

I did add a few ingredients: 1/2 cup currants(soaked in orange juice) and 1 Tbs. of orange blossom water (which I bought in Morocco earlier this year).


The batter was very sticky but I managed to form some scones and then I glazed them with heavy cream and vanilla sugar. I really like vanilla sugar; it is very cruncy when its cooked.

IMG_0572I will say that the scones were rather flat; I do like to split my scones and add butter but these were too thin to cut. But, these were very tender and moist. I will definitely try the recipe again; but I will try adding a bit more flour and hopefully that will lessen the spreading.

You can find the recipe at: Lady Craddocks Bakery blog:

I’m looking forward to this weekend’s recipe: caramelized onion, sage and cheddar muffins.



  1. I love scones with oatmeal in them. Your scones look so good!

  2. I can personally attest to the tasty-ness of these scones. But where can the rest of us mortals find orange blossom water?

  3. orange blossom water. Sounds amazing!

  4. Thanks for baking with me this week! Several bakers reduced the cream to 1/2 cup and others added a bit more flour. I wish I could bake before work, but I have to be there at 5 AM, LOL.

    • Thanks for the info about ingredient amounts. I definitely will bake these again, and I like the idea of reducing the cream a bit. My dough was very sticky and less liquid may be the solution.
      And I’m impressed with your early morning routine. Wow, I’d never be on time at that early hour!

  5. Wow you baked before work…very impressive!!

    Mine were even more flat than yours!!!

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