Posted by: Patty | September 21, 2009

I’m late for SMS!

This is my second week of baking along with the Sweet Melissa Sunday group and I have not yet baked the week’s selection of scones.

BUT, I have a reason:

lucy with collarPoor Lucy, my soft coated wheaten terrier had surgery on her right ear and is now wearing the dreaded collar! She is so unhappy and I am not thrilled, either.

Instead of letting her out the door, she must be walked each time she needs to go out. So, my baking time has been reduced. I am hoping to bake and then post about scones tomorrow. Please forgive my tardiness.



  1. Awh, get well soon Lucy!

    Katie xox

  2. Patty, is this the dog you had in Chicago. Whether she is or not, she’s a cutie.

    • Hi Susan,
      No, Nora passed away while we were living in Ghana. This is Lucy, the craziest dog ever!

  3. 😦 Aw so sad! I hope your puppy-baby is feeling better soon!!!

  4. Poor Lucy…. She looks completely put out and unhappy with her situation. If you add a touch of lace or maybe a sequin or two to the edge of the collar her mood might improve.

    I had a bat tested for rabies earlier this month and it came back positive. No surprise but no fun either.

  5. This summer has been so bizarre that I couldn’t even blog with the ‘4 Ingredients or Less’ cookbook. Good luck Patty.

  6. I love Wheaten terriers and she is so cute! Hope she is doing okay. Will look for your scones tomorrow.

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