Posted by: Patty | September 14, 2009

Sweet Melissa Sundays–Pound Cake

This Sunday’s Sweet Melissa’s recipe is “Perfect Pound Cake”.

Each Sunday a different blogger bakes a recipe from the cookbook “The Sweet Melissa Baking Book”; the rest of the participants for the group bake the same recipe and then we all post our results and comments. Maybe I have too much time on my hands but I think this will be great fun.

This is my first post to the group and already I’m cheating!! This weekend Tom and I went birding at Chincoteague Island, VA with the VSO ( Virginia Society of Ornithology) and I had to bake the pound cake ahead of time. And, yes, Chincoteague is the site of “Misty of Chincoteague”, a book many of us read as young teenagers.

I baked on Thursday and  followed the recipe very carefully, with just a few changes. First, I like to use vanilla bean paste instead of vanilla extract. It is not really a paste; its more like a syrup. The advantage is there are vanilla bean seeds in the paste. You get the appearance of having used a vanilla bean without the effort of slicing and scraping the bean. I always find dealing with the actual bean too much trouble.

Here are my ingredients:


The batter is very easy to make, you just stir the ingredients together in a bowl, no mixer required.


I also decide to use a decorative pan cake. I do work for Williams-Sonoma and I have way too much equipment in my kitchen. So I used a pan that made 6 small cakes.


The baking time was about 40 minutes, a little less than the recipe. And the result was great:IMG_0499


The pound cake is very tasty. The small cakes were a great snack on our weekend trip.

To see the recipe you can visit the blog of Veggie Num Nums, here is a web address:

Eventually I’ll be able to embed links and do much more. But in the meantime enjoy my cooking attempts!



  1. Love your pan, will just HAVE to go to WS and check it out. Not that I need another pan, LOL. Your cakes look delicious, glad you enjoyed them.

  2. you work at williams sonoma?? color me jealous! I drool over the bakeware with every trip to the mall 🙂

    your cakes looks cute as a button! welcome to SMS!!

  3. Those cake moulds are so super sweet.

    Katie xox

  4. I can’t resist Sweet Melissa any longer. Have you heard of as a source for used/new books? Great prices and greater shipping cost – only $.05 per book. Forget $3.99 shipping/book.
    Keep up the great blog. You’ve become a technogeek and that’s impressive.

  5. Welcome to SMS! What a dangerous place Williams-Sonoma would be for me to work at… Your cakes look great!

  6. Welcome to the group!! Your little cakes are adorable! Glad you enjoyed them. Thanks for mentioning vanilla pasta too – I’ve always wondered exactly what it was and now I know 🙂

  7. Patty: Your cakes are beautiful. What a great pan. You’re so lucky that you work at Williams Sonoma. I am going to have to try vanilla paste. I have never used it.

  8. Welcome to the group!
    You work for Williams-Sonoma? How awesomely cool!

    Anyways, your mini cakes turned our really cute!

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