Posted by: Patty | September 9, 2009

Labor Day Weekend


This Labor Day Weekend was fantastic. I had great birding experiences and good cooking results.

Saturday night we visited the Air Force Memorial in the DC area and managed to see a “life” bird: the common nighthawk.

We arrived as the sun was setting, the memorial  was bathed in sunset light; just a few minutes later it was dark and the moon was rising over Reagan Airport.


The nighthawks appeared at about 8:15PM, they were amazing, flying, gliding above the spires of the memorial, eating tons of bugs(over 500 bugs a night). A great place to observe a beautiful bird.

I also baked cookies from Sweet Melissa’s Cookbook. We took my perfect batch of double dark chocolate cherry cookies to my husband’s family reunion in Chesapeake VA and the cookies were enjoyed by all. I followed the recipe exactly and was  very happy with the results.

And I made candied orange peel, hoping that I will make the biscotti from Melissa’s cookbook.

Each time I post I will be learning more about links, photos, etc. Please understand it is a new skill for me, it will take time until I am able to co-ordinate photos, links, and everything else.

So, cheers, and please post comments. I need all the help I can get!!



  1. The photos are beautiful. You need to add photos of your cooking too! Sounds like you had a good weekend!

  2. Hi! I see you a new baker with SMS, me too! Looking forward to baking and meeting some new blogging friends.

    Williams Sonoma – how great is that?!!!

    Your photographs are beautiful!

  3. The night picture is beautiful. What is Melissa’s Cookbook? Biscotti with orange peel sounds good.

  4. Great photo! I love the orange moon

  5. I hope you saved me a cookie!

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